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Safe Baby Feeding Bottle

Safe Baby Feeding Bottle

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Looking For The Safest and Easiest Way To Feed Your Baby?

Our Baby Feeding Bottle Spoon is the easiest and safest way to feed your baby anywhere, anytime. Say goodbye to messy feeding and enjoy feeding your baby without a second thought.


Perfect For Feeding Your Baby Anytime, Anywhere.

Our Baby Feeding Bottle Spoon is great for weaning babies off bottle feeding and breastfeeding. 

Easy to use, helps keep your baby clean with its simple squeeze and feed feature. Made from food-grade silicone so it's baby safe. Nitrosamine-free, BPA-free, as well as latex-free. 



  • Great item to get for your baby when they start eating baby food as it gets your young one used to the idea of eating from a spoon, which will benefit them later on down the line.
  • Easy to clean- washable in less than one minute.
  • Transportable: Small enough to carry anywhere you go and into any bag.
  • Safe silicon material, latex free, ideal for kids.
  • Useful for weaning babies off bottles or breast feeding.
  • Easily dispense baby food one bite at a time by gently squeezing.
  • Comes in many different colors.

Great for milk, formula, rice paste, porridge, puree and vegetables, and any other food that can be put into liquid form.


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